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Athelnet was founded in September 2005 in an attempt to bring good quality, affordable web services to small and medium-sized businesses. We are based in East Devon, and one of our aims is to encourage businesses in this area to regard a stylish, professional and compatible site, as opposed to two pages with an e-mail link, as central to their advertising policy.

More importantly, we aim to provide a personal and friendly service. We understand that not everyone who needs a web-site is a computer genius, and we try neither to patronise nor to speak in techno-babble. As the design of our site should indicate, we don't think that being in a modern business should be a reason to abandon old-fashioned customer service.

We have built sites for clients in very different fields, but we can call upon special expertise in the requirements of dental prosthetics laboratories. You can find out more about some of our clients here.

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Skindependent Records (www.skindependentrecords.com) Skindependent Records (www.skindependentrecords.com)
D. H. Motorhomes Ltd. (www.dhmotorhomes.co.uk) D. H. Motorhomes Ltd. (www.dhmotorhomes.co.uk)
Baydor Ltd. (www.baydor.co.uk) Baydor Ltd. (www.baydor.co.uk)
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"Now, therefore, my thought roams beyond the confines of my heart; my mind roams widely with the ocean tide over the whale's home, over earth's expanses, and comes back to me avid and covetous; the lone flier calls and urges the spirit irrestistibly along the whale-path, over the waters of oceans"

The Seafarer ll. 58-64

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