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J Parfitt Dental Laboratory is a small but well established firm based in Roath near Cardiff. Through their contact with Creative Chrome, they became aware of Athelnet and engaged us to rebuild their site, which was plagued by poor styling, non-functional scripts and pages without content. Athelnet restyled the site to give it a more consistent appearance, using the fonts that had been used to create the company's stationery, rewrote the e-mailer that had ceased to operate and added new text content.

designedesigned to a tight budget, this site represents the more economical end of our spectrum. It is text-heavy and image light, using CSS to animate its main menu. This makes the site very search-engine friendly, demonstrating that an effective web site need not cost the earth. screen shot
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"A moth ate songs-wolfed words!
That seemed a weird dish-that a worm
Should swallow, dumb thief in the dark,
The songs of a man, his chants of glory,
Their place of strength. That thief-guest
Was no wiser for having swallowed words"

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